A Christmas Carol


What is better for getting into the festive spirit than going to a theater to watch a Christmas play? You are right, nothing is! That is why we, the English advanced course with our tutor, decided to watch the traditional English play “A Christmas Carol” presented by the “American Drama Group Europe” at the Schauspielhaus in Leipzig.
The play was adapted from the world famous novella by Charles Dickens with the same title. In the story, an old, grumpy, lonely and greedy man named Scrooge hates Christmas. On Christmas Eve he is visited by four spirits - his dead business partner Marley, the Spirit of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come. They show him how his selfish and money-influenced behaviour affects the people around him. How the night ends and if he changes is what you have to find out yourselves.
The actors included original passages from the book and added their own twist to the story by singing and playing instruments live. Even though they were only seven people, they managed to act all the roles effortlessly. We really enjoyed the overall experience and were impressed by the performance of the actors. For those who feel like watching the play now, we unfortunately have to disappoint you. The theatre group has already moved on to a different city but there is a very funny Barbie film adaption of the story which we recommend.

Helene, Hannah and Tim / Year 11

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